Dating a married woman with kids


) this parent has the kids fulltime and not just every third Saturday.

Before taking that life-altering plunge to be married with children, here are eight things to think about.

She and i have been best friends for over 4 years and i really love her so much and know that she loves me. I miss talking to her and seeing her whenever we could. Perhaps monogamy is not for you, and if it isn't, you need to let your wife know ASAP. Time to figure out if you want to be married or keep chasing other men's women. Think about that before you want to cheat on your wife again.

It is so completely unfair to your wife - if you get to sleep with other people, does she? SHE IS MARRIED AND YOUR you really love her then dump your current wife and try to reconnect with the other woman but you have to tell her that you will not be seconds to her. I know how you feel, I have been dating a married woman for almost 12 years. Even though we both know that there will never be anything more between us, I can't imagine my life without her.

I think that, she really wanted to get rid of you and this was her best excuse. St out only know what you feel, at the end you deserved each other.

I can assured you that, you guys will never be happy together.

I know it helped me just to be able to right this out.



She also told me that if I ever got married she would break it off with me. Other people at work found out but i still didnt tell her because i really loved her and didnt want to lose her.PLEASE do not have children with your wife until you are on the straight and narrow, if you ever are. I think you need to re evaluate about this marriage. You're only setting yourself up for a big heartache. Get rid of anything that reminds you of her pictures, jewely etc. She needs to either leave her husband or work on her marriage. We were both in out late 30's when we met for lunch one day.


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