Dating my neighbors mom


That's only three years older than me." Jill blushed. She wished she hadn't let him log on to her profile page. I've never done that." She put her head in her hands. John had liked it, too, and he had told her, many times, how much he had liked it. He jumped off the carpet, put his hands up, and turned and ran away, out of the bedroom. When she turned the corner from the bottom of the stairs, she saw her son Jack in the kitchen, munching on a leftover burrito from the previous night's dinner, and holding a coffee mug. Their eyes met, and they didn't know what to say to each other. She thought about his words as she touched herself. She dipped a finger into her pussy, pushed it deep inside and curved it up to feel the spongy G-spot, and then pulled it out again to press it against her clitoris. Her breathing grew faster and shallower and louder. Looking up, she saw her son Jack, just inside the bedroom door, staring at her, mouth open and eyes wide. Her hands flew to her breasts and to her pussy, to shield her nudity from her son. After several awkward moments Jill broke the silence. No other position left her feeling quite the same exquisite combination of vulnerability and strength. When confronted with one, open and on view, they all seemed to be subdued by its power. "Well, it seems like all the guys who are interested are . But it seems like guys my age are looking for women who are a lot younger. I'm not sure I can deal with that." "Mom, come on," Jack said. When spread, Jill could never forget that she exposed and revealed her most private parts. She could see that power reflected in her lovers' eyes. A delicious thrill took Jill every time she parted her legs. It sucks." "You know, mom, I've, like, done some online dating myself. You may not be marketing yourself the right way to get attention from guys your age." Jack downed a big gulp of coffee in the mug in his hand. "How about if you let me look at your dating site profile? When she stretched and pushed her limbs as far as they could go, Jill felt most in sync with her deep animal core. Later, in college, Jill discovered the sexual advantages of being limber. She saw the intensity of his face while he looked over her profile page. She could fold and extend and contort her arms and legs and torso in ways that held her lovers in rapt attention. I know how it works." "Well," Jill responded, slowly.


Of all Jill's positions, one inspired admiration above the others: legs spread wide, pussy on display. I want to date somebody younger, closer to my age, or maybe even younger than me. John and Jill would lie in bed, naked, Jill on her back. John would push gently against her knees, until they opened, and Jill exposed herself, and then John would attend to her. " Jill put her head down, avoiding Jack's stare, before answering him. From the staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer and, premium section magazines ranging from the best eats in the Philly suburbs to the sights, sounds, and tastes of summertime 'down the shore.' Shop Magazines Framed reprints, back issues, mugs, and other collectibles showcasing showcasing local coverage of historic events in Philadelphia sports from The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.

As a teen, many years earlier, Jill competed in gymnastics. She learned the thrill of pushing her body to its utmost. I can't believe I'm letting him look at this, she thought. She saw him poring over the photos she had uploaded. She caught her breath and waited for him to finish. The wider she spread them, the more power she had over her lovers. I didn't know what to expect and I thought I'd just spare you the details of your mom's dating life." "Mom, I understand," Jack said. I don't expect you to live the rest of your life like a nun. I can give you some pointers from a guy's perspective." "Ah," Jill said, and she hesitated.


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