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Please update this to complete the sign-up process. Several news outlets reported that they’ve met each other’s parents to plan for a wedding next year.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. This isn’t the first time Eric Moon and Na Hye Mi are rumored to be dating. Moon and Na admitted to dating but clarified they’re not getting married the following year.Text: Priscilla Wu/Photo: Shinhwa Company Facebook, Imagine Asia Website Shinhwa member Eric Mun is dating actress Na Hye Mi.The 38-year-old acknowledged the romance through his management agency E&J Entertainment on Thursday.“Mun and Na were friend, and they recently began dating,” the agency said.Eric is 38 years old so it’s not surprising that marriage is in the works, and he has a twelve year age gap with the 26 year old Na Hye Mi.The two apparently met through work as senior-junior and the relationship turned romantic."The couple often meet up with each other while on break, they were often spotted near Eric's home as well as shopping around in Seongdong area", celebrities in china/japan all date with huge age gaps.




Their agency's say that "the two met through mutual friends and started first in a good subae - hoobae relationship before gradually getting interested in each other". [ 627, -5] He has a consistent style he likes in women... [ 390, -30] So it's either set up by Na Hye Mi's company... I hope what happened to him in the past doesn't happen again... Park Shi Yeon got her name known thanks to Eric as well. Who cares about the age gap when she's already 23(and that's in regular western age so she's 24 in Korean age) If you graduated from HS like 4 or 5 years ago you're old enough to date whoever.


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