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While Toon has sex with rich men in exchange for fancy things, don’t call her an escort. When her first sugar daddy relationship ended three years ago, Toon didn’t know how to care for herself.“I think it took me a little while to overcome the fact I’m on my own now, I have to depend on myself, I have to find a job, I have to kind of pay rent and stuff, that was the difficult part,” Toon told Barcroft. It was a brand new Range Evoque, worth ,000, which was perfect for me,” she said.You can live in a nice apartment, funded by your sugar daddy.


“I go to Harvey Nichols and Harrods usually once a day. Once every week I buy a new handbag,” Toon told Barcroft Media.

Toon — who calls herself a sugar baby — just can’t imagine a life without decadent things provided by a rich older boyfriend.



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