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All were covered to some extent with a large cairn of stone.

About 1,500 megalithic tombs are known from Ireland.

The roofs would have been high-pitched and thatched, like the one you see here.

The houses were divided into two or three rooms, with doors and sleeping areas and would have been quite comfortable.

They also collected nuts, berries, wild apples and all kinds of seeds.

Their way of life was so successful that it lasted, virtually unchanged, for 3000 years.Farming started in the Near East about 9000 years ago and over the next 3000 years the idea spread from there all across Europe.Groups of farming families moved with it, while some hunter-gatherer communities began to settle down and farm themselves.New people must have come to Irelandat this time as none of these new crops and animals (except pigs) are native to this country, while their houses and pottery are like those used by farmers elsewhere in Europe.


Their houses were quite different to what existed earlier: they were rectangular and built of timber – either oak planks, wattle or a mixture of both – and they were quite large, up to 15m in length.

Stone Age 7000BC-2500BC The first people to come to Ireland arrived about 9000 years ago, after the last Ice Age.


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