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I will tell you that there is so much in John Brennan’s background that should be questioned that this is plausible.Now, if somebody makes a charge like that, shouldn’t we at least explore it before we put him as the chief of all intelligence?According to the people who were there, Guandolo and the other visiting trainers didn’t say outright Omari was a terrorist, but they suggested that he had links to bad people — people who were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and even al-Qaida.“I stand by what I said that day about Omari,” Guandolo told me, though he declined to say so on tape.The rumor about Brennan’s conversion to Islam coalesced after a 9 February 2013 radio broadcast during which former FBI agent John Guandolo levied the accusation.The most relevant portion of the interview has been excerpted below: I will tell you, I don’t know if this is true or not.It seems that we can’t ask reasonable questions any more.

Even if Guandolo’s demonstrated inclination to make claims without factual basis were not considered, his statements constitute a conflict of interest due to his post-FBI career: Guandolo markets the idea of an imminent, pervasive threat to security in the United States has resulted from a conspiracy by Muslims to infiltrate the government at its highest levels and is paid for his “expertise” through his being hired to provide lectures and training classes on the subject.

“The facts are on my side.” Guandolo suggested when I interviewed him on the phone that there were things he knew about Omari that the FBI didn’t.


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