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Cygnet was saved by The Thames Boats Trust with the help of a PRISM fund grant from risk of modification and loosing its originality.Cygnet is unaltered from its build date, probably because it lay stored and forgotten at Thornycroft's boatyard at Platts Eyot for 50 years and is unique because of this.For Consuta website click here The oldest surviving and completely original small Thames steam launch.This 30ft launch was built by Thornycroft at Chiswick in 1870, yard no.9.Six cylinder Gray Marine petrol engine of the 1930's removed from Consuta in 1971, typical of the type found in Umpire Launches of the period and other larger river craft.The photo shows the petrol Engine casing and steering wheel of Consuta removed in 1970's for show at a public event.This boiler was rescued from a scrap yard for use as a museum exhibit.


Purchased by the Thames Conservancy in 1924 for use as their VIP inspection launch, a duty carried out until 1969; Donola was then presented to the National Maritime Museum.During the 1880/90's Thornycroft built over 100 various size torpedo boats at their yard on the Thames for the Admiralty and other navies around the world .Held in store for over 40 years and now restored as a future static museum exhibit.Static display probably fitted with mechanical turning mechanism for operation by visitors.

Purchased from the Thornycroft Society (Basingstoke) for future museum display.Engine recently rediscovered and saved for future museum display.


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